Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Romney the Clear Favorite Now

For those of you have not heard the news Rick Santorum has suspended his Presidential campaign. Which is just a fancy way to say that he has decided to potentially give up the ghost. The reason that Santorum give out was his daughter was ill, which is an understandable excuse that few would argue.

Still it becomes clearer that the man for the GOP will be Mitt Romney and he will be taking on Barack Obama. Does Obama have some magic rabbit in his hat that will convince enough people to vote for him come election in November? Or has all of the talk about hope and change amounted to the fact that we hope that we change our president.

Mitt Romney Is the Front Runner For the GOP

Technically speaking, Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich are still in the race. Only just are their chances. I'm sure that many people would like to see that Ron Paul get the nod for the GOP. However, for whatever reason, it is highly unlikely he will be the man.

It is all about who was hyped by the media in the end. The media wanted either Hilary Clinton or Barack Obama, because that would make the better story and sure enough, Obama was picked. The media looks to be hyping Mitt Romney the most for the Republican candidate potentially to unseat Obama and really be the go forward to November.

It is not so much who is the best, but who is the one that is hyped the most. If top media outlets do not like you, then you will be shoved off to the side as pretty much an afterthough. Most voters out there are not going to do research on candidates. If they hear about a person often enough, during any kind of election, a seed is going to be stuck in their head.

We are a media based society. And the media selects what we are told and who we know of. Ron Paul is not the man that the media wants to face Obama. He'll be named, but I think that it was pretty much set in stone, that it will be Mitt Romney against Barack Obama for the Presidential Election come November.

It is the same reason why there will be no clear third party, because they will be dismissed as an afterthought. The Election will come down to the better story and depending on what news channel people tend to watch, ninety five percent of the people will be lead a certain way.

It just depends on which way they will be lead as to whether they was FOX News, CNN, or whatever. 

Regardless back to the facts of the matter and the fact is that Rick Santorum is now out of the primaries, which leaves Mitt Romney pretty much with a clear field, as his only logical opposition. With all due respect to Ron Paul supports, and there are some and they are fanatical.

Now will Obama be disgraced as that one term president that did not do anything? Will Romney will the 2012 Presidential Election?

I think the real question that many American voters will ask is, will it matter either way? Are we doomed? Many voters will have strong opinions. Romney versus Obama, we knew in the back our minds, barring some huge Howard Dean like screw up, that was going to be the battle.

The stage had long been set by the media. November will be interesting for many reasons. The world will be watching but the outcome no matter what has the potential not to be one that is favorable to many.

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