Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday the 13th on 04/13/12

For the superstitious types out there, it is Friday the Thirteenth, which is a day of bad luck. For the rest of us, it is just another Friday, and Friday the 13th was just a series of horror movies released with a hockey mask wielding killer named Jason. Still there are many people out there who regard thirteen with bad luck, but truly the concept of luck is a strange one.

Friday the Thirteenth and the Concept of Bad Luck

When you really think about it, we tend to make our own luck in a number of ways. If you think some kind of misfortune is going to be trouble us, then there are going to be any number of ways where we are going to sabotage ourselves.

There have been many superstitions that have been passed down through time over the years, beyond the number thirteen for this day. For instance, black cats are considered to be misfortune when they cross your path. Breaking a mirror will be seven years back luck. Walking underneath a ladder is the absolute apex of misfortune. And don't be stepping on any crack, if you want your mama's back to remain unbroken.

Superstitions that are commonly known, and there are many. I think that many people are going to be looking over their shoulder, perhaps a bit tepid, waiting for Friday the 13th to end, so they can make it towards Saturday, hitching in their breath, getting ready for what is going to happen. Those who watch the stock market on Friday the thirteenth will no doubt use the fact that this is an unlucky day as a scapegoat should it fall.

Yet luck is something that exists right in the mind. It is all about the subconscious that we perceive. If we think that something bad may occur, than something could in fact occur. It has little to do with luck. It has everything to do with what we believe and we can believe a lot. The superstitions that I named have passed down right over the years.

Truly in a number of ways, we are a superstitious species. Numbers hold great meaning and the number thirteen have caused many panic. In many buildings years ago, the floor thirteen was skipped, because no one wished to live on the thirteenth floor, because it was rather considered a combination of bad luck and utter misfortune.

Regardless, it may just be another Friday to many of us. Everyone try and have a nice day on Friday the Thirteenth, the day will be over in a matter of fourteen hours from where I sit(less and more obviously where you roam in the world)

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