Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hazing is a Term to Make Bullying Sound More Acceptable

Bullying is a term that has some bad connections for it. The psychological affects of those who are bullied, the affects on their self esteem(often causing them to turn into bullies themselves on many times where the tables are turned) have been looked at more closely. Anti-bullying awareness is rather at a higher point, in the school yard. Of course, it is a uphill battle to be fight, with Facebook and other social media, bullying takes on a different form than that is commonly depicted with your stereotypical representation of bullying and bullies that are depicted as one dimensional villains on most children's shows.

Those who are easily defined as targets will be bullied on their Facebook or on Twitter either directly or indirectly. There is a cyber bullying epidemic that is going to be addressed and as awareness spreads, hopefully more people will see the light. Of course, that behavior has to be learned somewhere and the grisly truth might be pointed to a shattered, splintered homelife.

Which brings us to hazing. Or initiation for an even more politically correct representation of the term. Often tied to sports teams or even on the college level, at fraternity or frat houses.  In some desperate need for acceptance, people tend to not question the initiation that they are told they have to undergo. Of course, some of the measures that people are required to do to fit in, you must wonder if you'll ever be accepted. And the chances are no. Some people might claim it is all in good fun or it is was tradition. Well so was slavery at one time.

Traditions are not all good. And there are times where hazing gets out of control. To the point where it leads to severe injury or even death.

If someone expects you to go through a rather humiliating initiation, you never will be completely accepted. They are setting you up to fail. Don't think that you will earn any respect, other than the most twisted kind.

Forcing people to go through these initiation, hazing them, is bullying at its lightest and potential criminal assault at its worst. Children can be cruel, and adults aren't much better when they get to college age(of course many never mentally leave high school). And the coaches and teachers and other administration just stand by and let things happen. Everyone will wonder why when a tragedy occurs.

Bullying, no matter what terms you dress it up with, is still wrong and people should not have to jump through hopes to crave the acceptance of others.