Thursday, January 5, 2012

Stock Report for 1/5/12-Dow Jones Down but Slight, Jobs May Be on the Upswing

The Stock Market started good on Tuesday, flattened a bit on Wednesday and continued to remain mostly flat.

Stock Report for Thursday 1/5/12

This short four day week for the Stock Exchanged started out high. Then yesterday on Wednesday it was less so. We seem to be remaining on an even ground, but at a loss for the Dow Jones and with moderately gains with the NASDAQ and the S and P 500.

The Dow Jones ended at -2.72 for the loss for today, January 5th 2012. Nasdaq got a +21.50 gain and the S and P 500 went to +3.76 for a gain today.

There may be a slight spike in the job market. However, unemployment figures remain to be misleading in the United States, due to the fact that it only measures those who are actively collecting unemployment, as opposed to those who are not employed.

Still we remain hopeful for a good year in 2012.

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