Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fixing the American Economy

In the most fundamental sense of the world, America might be broken. The statement can apply to many other things. Whether it be the economy, the stock market, the jobs, the political parties and their efforts, the actual spirit of average American people, we are broken. Other countries are in the world may be equally or more so broken but there is just something about the United States being broken where it radiates down to the rest of the world.

The United States of America is broken over the past five years. What can it take to fix us? Or are we beyond all repair?

What Can Fix America, the Economy, and Its People

Often it has been said time is the healer for all wounds. We also live in a world of instant gratification where no one wants to wait around for the changes to happen organically Rather we want the changes to happen now. Fixing a problem in such a manner will do more harm then good.

Things might appear to be fixed when we force a solution on the matter, taking a short cut or two. The fact we are fixed is just an illusion. All of the bail outs, all of the stimulus packages, all of the attempts to flood the economy with more money, we are feeling the affects of that. Beyond that, we are feeling the affects of gross and utterly irresponsible spending throughout the years.

Recessions come and recessions go, but the fact is this one appears to have stuck around so long, indicates that someone is rather fundamentally broken. All of the quick fixes have caused the very foundation of America to crumble quicker each time. If we stepped into the ring more slowly and stayed the course since about 2007 or 2008, chances are, we would have been mostly out of the woods by 2012.

The biggest barrier is the two party system in the United States. One could debate whether or not it worked. We may feel like we have a choice but when the lines are drawn based on what party a politician considers themselves, all issues have been forgotten. Any attempt of a third party is considered to be a dismal joke by the public. The fact that the only thing Republicans and Democrats can agree on at a fundamental level is that they want any third party squashed, because if anything gains traction, we might have a fresh voice.

A fresh voice which might succeed where the two big parties have failed. Thus the things are going to be fixed. Then people will start thinking that it is time to put the two big dogs parties down and that's the last thing they want.

Society has really changed. Infighting and pretty much everyone being out for themselves has caused the very foundation of this country to keep smashing. Do not lie, no one is out for the American people. Most are just out to lead themselves to the promise land.

The only way to fix the United States economy may be to tear down the system completely and start anew, but that is a step that no one seems ready to take. Those at the top are going to cling onto what they have until the bitter end.

The end may be very bitter. There will be a lot of patience and a lot of change. Real change, not some half hearted concept used as a buzzword. 

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