Tuesday, September 20, 2011

After the Bell 9/20/11: Don't Ask Don't Tell, Charlie Sheen, More

Welcome to after the bell for September 20th 2011, talking about all of the things that are happening in the world, after the school bell has rang across the nation in the United States ont his day. There is no shortage of the insane and the mysterious. Let’s jump into the party.

The biggest news of the day would be the repeal of don’t ask, don’t tell, the policy that forbids open homosexual individuals from serving in the military. I think that as many ways as we have progressed as a society, we are still going to be behind in many ways, but the official don’t ask, don’t tell appeal is going to stir up quite the hornet’s nest to say the very least. Only time will tell what will happened based on this.

Netflix customers are still up in arms due to the changes being made. They do have a point and obvious their point is being felt all across the board, with Netflix stocks dipping slightly every now and again. Change can be tricky after all.

There was a Charlie Sheen roast last night and apparently people are up in arms about it. It’s a roast people, if you are looking for some kind of moral standard to hold it to, especially a high moral standard, you really are a fool. If it’s a roast involving someone like Charlie Sheen then you are a fool and a tool. Were some jokes in poor taste? Most likely, but it’s a roast. It’s not meant to be some squeaky clean standard of morality.

Dancing with the Stars happened last night. I’m sure a lot of people cared. I sure didn’t.

In the department of incompetence department…University of Pennsylvania forgot to tell students that their teacher died months ago. That’s kind of…actually I don’t really know what that was to say the very least.

More on the Reno Air Show tragedy from last week…it looks like there is going to be some reforms of the safety regulation. Some might argue that said reforms are most certainly rather far overdue to say the least.

Stock market appears to be a bit of a mixed bag to say the least today as we are getting into the closing bell. Dow is up, NASDAQ is down as we are closing out on September 20th 2011. Time will tell how this day and week goes for there.

There we go, after the bell for September 20th 2011, with all of the news and what not for the day.

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