Wednesday, April 4, 2012

CISPA Another Step in Removing Our Rights

There is no doubt that the United States Government has been whittling away our rights as a people bit by bit for years. It is happening gradually, so gradually that most people do in fact not notice. We are dependent on our government, too dependent, with people helpless to make change. We have a two party system of government where neither party is a good alternative and both the Republican and Democrat parties are self serving, out for themselves, while shoving the American people. Not many will vote for a third party candidate, because they feel they are throwing away their votes. And many won't bother looking at the actual merits of the people that they are voted for, just what party they are in. To the point where many American people have long since forgotten why they vote Republican or Democrat.

Which brings us to CISPA or the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act . Yet another attempt for the United States Government to grossly censor the Internet, which they obviously still have not bothered to understand. Than again, that's what you get when you have a bunch of middle aged people who are trying to understand something that was intended for those half of their age.

CISPA- Congress Tries to Censor the Internet Yet Again

As we learned with SOPA, PIPA, ACTA, whatever, the alphabet soup might be different, but it is the same tyrant act being pushed through time and again. The United States government wants to control the only free stream of information that is out there, the Internet. They fear the truth, because they have something to hide. The news media is for the most part in their back pocket but they cannot control the Internet. They fear the truth.

Oh I'm sure that there will be some good reasons. Tyrants always have good reasons after all for anything that they do. And most of the mindless masses, who can't be bothered to think are most pacified by it. They try and say that this is for the own good of the American people, for their freedom, to eliminated "threats" but once again, those are the words of tyrants.

Make no mistake about it, this bill is once again another attempt as well to coddle the entertainment industry, who refuses to join the rest of us in the year 2012 and are trying to do the same things that worked in the year 1982. The infringement part of this CISPA bill makes it absolutely clear that this is just SOPA with a slightly different spin yet again. And the Internet needs to stand up, to strike it down.

But obviously we keep fighting and they don't learn their lessons. They can dress it up all it want. And it will get to the point where eventually they won't need it in writing they can do something, the United States government will do it. Of course one may argue that it is already being done.

I want each and every one of you to really think about something right now. Do you really think that you have a choice anymore when you vote? Do you really have any freedom? We have more than countries such as China and North Korea, we'll give you that much.

For now at least.

Be afraid, be very afraid. Corruption is rampant and we only exist because people are needed to govern a country. Enjoy the free Internet while you can and enjoy the freedom to think as well, because there will be a time where a device will be invented where the government can hack into our minds, if they suspect that people are thinking about thoughts. For our freedom of course.

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