Thursday, January 19, 2012

Stock Market Report 1/19/12

While the gains were not as large as they were yesterday during the stock market, they were still rather moderate on Thursday January 19th 2012. It is now time to take a look at some financial news for today, where the wins are changing, along with the changes in the Dow Jones, the NASDQ, and the S and P 500 for January 19th 2012.

Stock Market Report 1/19/12

The government claims inflation is lower and layoffs are less. Granted one could argue a lot of the government’s claims are based upon dubious data at best. But still one thing that many can agree is that many are still taking the United States government’s word and thus it is going to lead to higher trends right in the Stock Market.

Now is the time to tread the waters carefully as pointed out. Now for every lift to the top, there is always a chance that the stock market will dip to the bottom. Those who fail to do their homework and jump in and are trigger happy with the market at the first signs of strain will find themselves doing more damage to their future hopes and aspirations.

Any growth at this moment is something that will give us hope. But we should not be surprised and panic if that follows with bad news. Constant steady growth is something that will be encouraging but while things are growing, we are still in the hole that has been created by years of bad economic decisions and practices.

2012 is Election Year and With It, will have no doubt much news and sadly not all of it will be good.

January 19th 2012 Report for the Dow Jones, NASDAQ, and S and P 500

Dow Jones: 12,465.11(+46.16)
NASDAQ: 2,788.33(+18.63)
S and P 500: 1,314.52(+6.47)

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