Friday, January 20, 2012

Stock Market Report 1/20/12: Google Slightly Stumbles

The stock market for January 20th 2012 tends to rather lead to a mixed bag. Some ups, some downs, but really the big news has to be the slight slump that Google which has caused the NASDAQ to dip right today.

Stock Report for January 20th 2012:  Google Slippage.

Even some bad news rather will occur to some of the highest grossing house hold names and the fact of the matter is that Google seems rather have suffered lower than expected purchases of advertising. The reason for this appears to be rather simple and twofold at that. People are not compelled to make purchases to companies that advertise right through Google and thus advertisers are not willing to open their wallets. Really who could blame them? There are just going to be times where you might as well be shoveling money in a furnace, if your advertising is not working, yet you consider to spend money.

Google contributed to a slight downward trend of the NASDAQ today. Google Stocks on this day were down -53.57 which is a -8.38 percent drop. The Dow Jones and the S and P 500 remain rather strong, mostly through the Dow Jones.

The stock market if nothing else tends to rather stagger at the drop of the hat. There might be a lot of shakiness for most other Internet companies if Google was also feeling the heat. It might be a bumpy ride if you have any money invested Google or its competitors. We’ll just going to have to hang back and wait out the ride.

Stock Market Report 1/20/12

Dow Jones: 12,270.48(+96.50)
Nasdaq: 2,786.70(-1.63)
S and P 500: 1,315.38(+0.88)

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