Monday, March 5, 2012

Is the Time for Daylight Savings Time Reached Its End

It is that time of the year again. Yes indeed, the time where we lose an hour of our time, that being Daylight Savings Time when the time change occurs on March 11th 2012. Each and every year, it never ceases to baffle me why we even bother with Daylight Savings Time. Yet the time change will occur, just like it will each and every year, on March 11th 2012 for better or for worse.

Daylight Savings Time Is It Time to Change, The Time Change?

Previously Daylight Savings time, we sprung ahead an hour on the first weekend of April and then sprung back in October. In some hair-brained scheme by the United States Government (they tend to have a fair amount of those), the time was changed, where we went back the second weekend of November and ahead the second weekend of part. This year Daylight Savings Time happens on March 11th 2012 for better or for worse.

Yet the Earth is going to readjust itself to what it should be, whether or not we are going to make the change. That much was for certain when last November, the change of daylight already occurred two weeks before, when the time change had occurred in the past. There have been many people who have wondered if we should do away with Daylight Savings Time. And I am one of those people by the way, not that I can do anything about it. Not an important enough person to mandate a change in something like time changes.

However, for better or for worse, Daylight Savings Time will happen on the date, on March 11th 2012. Other countries have given up the ghost, but the United States tends to be stubborn in their ways. Hell, we still don't use the Metric system. Just remember to set your clocks ahead one hour. One might say that we do lose an hour of sleep but others might argue that we gained an entire day in 2012. Yet do remember to set your clocks back on March 11st 2012 whether before or after the time officially changes, it doesn't matter, everything will set itself.

Just another year, just another Daylight Savings Time on March 11th 2012.