Monday, February 6, 2012

Stock Market Report 2/6/12: Gold Down and Greece Problems

The stock market for the United States started this week right off of the wrong foot. Gold, which appeared to be on the upswing during the last month, slid right on the way down this month. Let’s take a look at the stock market report for Monday February 6th 2012.

Stock Market Report 2/6/12: Not a Golden Day

On the bright side, we have not lost too much ground, but it could merely be a trickle before the blood is going to flow. The situation right in Greece did not seem to inspire confidence, as there is no golden haven right in the country. The situation in Greece and other European countries are something that causes some problematic views for the economy. And problematic views with the economy causes the stock market to be on shaky ground.

It seems right now, we live and die by virtue of those gold futures. Gold futures were the only thing that seemed to be on the upward trend but now we are rather shaky trend. As with always, it is too soon to tell. As more information tends to come out, and more news, we might get some encouraging news and some not so encouraging news. The teeter totter that is the stock market continues to rise up and down.

The rally that occurred over the first few weeks of 2012, where there is no sign to say that we cannot turn that around, but there is also no indication that it won’t just undo what gains have been accomplished. 2012 had some promising news last week with highs which had not been seen from years, but as anyone who has paid attention the last few years, the highest of highs can turn around, depending upon investor confidence. It remains to be seen whether you should fully stick both feet into the murky shark infested investing waters.

Dow Jones: 12,842.86(-19.37)
NASDAQ: 2,901.99(-3.67)
S and P 500: 1,344.29(-0.61)

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