Friday, January 13, 2012

Stock Report 1/13/12-Wall Street Ends Week With Losses

A topsy turvy week for the stock markets in the United States and around the world, ended with a downtrend on Friday the 13th, on January 13th 2012, with a number of factors around the world causing the stock market to be shaken but obviously the credit rating in France and other European countries being lowered a scary reflection of things, which shook the confidence of consumers.

Stock Report 1/13/12-Credit Rating Drops in European Countries

It was a rather shaky week on Wall Street but news released today about the reduced credit ratings in several European countries including France has shaken consumer confidence. Not to the damning levels where it might have been. France was the most prominent one to be hit by the AAA slashing credit ratings, but there will be more to come.

Credit ratings tend to be rather shaken, as many countries around the world have borrowed much, with the world economy being cracked. Being one of the world’s prominent super powers, the United States is going to feel the heat more so than others from what happens over in European, with the Dow Jones, the NASDAQ, and S and P 500 all down.

Next week, the stock market will experience another shortened four day week, with the observation of Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday in the Untied States, where the stock market and the United States postal service will both be closed. Let us hope that next week, we can see some steady growth and until next time, remember to invest wisely.

Changes for Dow Jones, NASDAQ, and S and P 500 for January 13th 2012

Dow Jones: 12,421.83(-49.19)
NASDAQ: 2710.67(-14.03)
S and P 500: 1,289.09(-6.41)

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