Sunday, December 25, 2011

Famous Birthdays on Christmas, December 25th

Christmas is today and hopefully you will have a joyous day, no matter how you celebrate it. I did always feel for people who really were born within two weeks before or two weeks after Christmas, because there were a lot of cheap skates out there who would go that this is both for your birthday and Christmas. In theory, it should be at least double gifts where people would normally go.

 There were many famous names who were born on Christmas. Here is a brief list of some famous people who were born on Christmas day.

Famous People Born on Christmas

Perhaps the biggest, most important birthday on Christmas would be Sir. Issac Newton who was born on December 25th 1642. Newton is one of the most important people that most children ever learn about as it regards for science, as he discovered the three laws of motion.

Jimmy Buffet, the legendary singer, also celebrates his birthday on Christmas.

Many people are huge fans of the Twilight Zone and it is a classic for sure. The host of the original Twilight Zone, Rod Serling celebrates his Birthday on Christmas.

Humprey Bogart is a name that many people would know, a truly legendary actor. And yet another person who was born on Christmas Day, on December 25th.

Also, that Jesus Christ guy, or so it is to be believed, he was born on Christmas as well. Well technically it wasn’t Christmas and it hasn’t been verified completely. But many believe that fact and that’s good enough for them.

There you have it, a few famous birthdays on Christmas. Obviously there were many born on Christmas and most of them were not famous. Happy birthday and merry Christmas to those people.

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