Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Famous Birthdays for December 27th

As we do each and every day on the Blog of Insanity, we really are going to take a look at some birthdays being celebrated today from the famous on December 27th. For those who are not as prominent, still you are going to be wished a happy birthday and many happy returns, but let’s take a look at some notable birthdays.

Famous Birthdays on December 27th.

In a little cross promotion with the Wrestling Enterprise Blog, today is the birthday of one Bill Goldberg. Goldberg naturally as you may know had competed in WCW and went on a winning streak of something like 173-0 and was indeed the man. He also played in the NFL and was a commentator for Mixed Martial Arts events. He briefly went into WWE as well with less than satisfying results.

Today is also the birthday of Hayley Williams who you may know as a member of the popular alternative name Paramore.

A rather notable name in science would have celebrated his birthday on his day, as Louis Pasteur was born on this day in 1822. He did some great gains through the study of germs and really lead to lot of the processes that we used today, the most well-known of those being pasteurization (named directly after him), for the removal of the bacteria and other nastiness found in milk.

Another famous individual would be John Amos. A rather prominent actor who had roles on Good Times, the Mary Tyler Moore Show, and also was in Roots. He is a former NFL player and a Broadway star and wish him a happy birthday.

That does it for the birthdays of those who are famous today and we at the Blog of Insanity (that be me and the voices inside my head), wish everyone who is celebrating today whether famous or nobody a happy birthday.

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