Monday, November 28, 2011

Black Friday Fallout, Cyber Monday Deals, Occupy Insanity, and More

On this Cyber Monday afternoon we return with what’s trending on Google. On tap for today is some more Occupy Wall Street Movement insanity, Kardashians(oh dear God, why?), and some stuff on Cyber Monday. Among other things. It’s what is trending on Google around the world.

Occupy LA: The Occupy Wall Street movement has reached cartoonish levels of insanity on both sides. I figured that there was going to be ways where the people protesting were going to not come across as looking any better than the people who they are protesting against. Not to mention all of those people who are just jumping on the band wagon because they have an ax to grind. They are uppity about getting evicted to some place in Los Angeles. The United States government and the world in general is falling apart, but obviously this movement is going to make things look even worse.

Cyber Monday: Cyber Monday doesn’t seem to be getting as much stride as recent years but there are still many places that have Cyber Monday deals. Amazon, Best Buy, Gamestop, Wal-Mart, among others are really getting into the hunch and hopefully those who shop on Cyber Monday are having some good deals.

Best Buy: Best Buy is a huge winner in the insanity that is Black Friday. Obviously they are really going to get rolling for the holidays, for Black Friday and then today, on Cyber Monday.

Kourtney and Kim Take New York: It is like a trainwreck apparently, finding the signs of a failed Publicity stunt marriage. I’m so sick and tired of hearing about the Kardashians and also celebrities that really don’t have any merit other than people know who they are. Then again, I think that the only reason why they are trending is for that train wreck value.

Walmart: Black Friday seems to get more insane every year, as there have been people who have been arrested at Walmart. And people are none too happy about these Black Friday Walmart arrests. I guess we can’t really expect people to behave like civilized human beings on this day.

Target: Another store looking for some mildly big returns in Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Also they are getting into the holiday spirit, as Target is offering 5 million dollars to schools in need. Well the government surely isn’t going to help, so that does warm the cockles of my heart.

Kyle Orton: Football Quarterback who appears to be right in the running for the Kansas City Chiefs starting Quarterback. Don’t know much about Football, so I’m moving along.

Syracuse Basketball: Syracuse Basketball is trending for all of the wrong reasons, when Coach Bernie Fine has been fired and likely going to be facing charges of child molestation. Not good news at all.

Cybermonday Deals: Many shoppers around the world are snapping up those insane deals on Cyber Monday. Which is like Black Friday, but thankfully only without the potential of causalities because of two people fighting over an IPad or something like that.

Macy’s: The popular department store, Macy’s has had its stock hoisted up for Black Friday. Macy’s is one of the companies that have made out bandits.

That was what was trending on this Cyber Monday, November 28th 2011.

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