Saturday, October 29, 2011

Adolf Hitler Custody Battle, Gadhafi's Son, Halloween Pumpkin Carvings, and More

Going over to that other search engine, Yahoo, we talk about some of the things that are trending over there on this fine Saturday Morning. Featuring a custody battle with Adolf Hitler, Gadhafi’s Son, Project Rum, Retirement Savings, Carving Some Halloween Pumpkins and more. 

Adolf Hitler: Yes, the most evil man that ever lived, perhaps without a doubt. Although there are some great contenders. Also an innocent little boy that was named such. What were the parents thinking? I really have no idea what parents would named Adolf Hitler. I fully support the right to name your child anything but within reason. This is not within reason. Providing that was allowed, you realize the beating this child would get in school? I fully support the court decision to take the child, Adolf Hitler Campbell,  away and I also would add sterilizing the parents. Some sick, sick people. I pray a Saddam Hussein Myers or a Osama Bin Laden Smith is not in the offing.

Larry King: Apparently Mr. King got back some cash due to the investment scam from Bernie Madoff when he lost $700,000 dollars. He would be one of the few to recover something. Other people lost big. Good for Larry King, bad for other people who won’t be recovering anything.

Project Runaway Winner: We’re looking at some of the past winners of Project Runaway, with people wanting to know where these people are doing after their victory. It is rather interesting to see what the Project Runaway Winners are doing.

Gadhafi’s Son: In the news, Gadhafi’s son is planning to get out of dodge. Also it appears that operations are going to be scaling down in Libya now that Gadhafi is dead. I do wonder what is going to happen now, as I am sure the world and what will become of Gadhafi’s/Gaddafi’s family, those who still breath at least.

“Smoking Man Video”: There has been a smoking man video that became viral this week. Which proves that intelligence is not what makes you success on the Internet, but rather typing and hype. It’s all about the hype.

Johnny Depp: Depp is back in theaters this weekend, with his new movie, The Rum Diaries. Reviews as they were have been a rather mixed back. Obviously the movie that people are really looking forward to what be Pirates of the Carribean V.

Retirement Savings: With things the way they are these days, people are worried about retirement savings. Obviously every little bit is going to help but savings for retirement is going to become now more important than ever before. With the economy and reckless spending when younger, it appears that more people will be working into a later age. So yeah fine some way to save for later on, otherwise there will be no retirement years.

Free Pumpkin Carving Templates: Halloween is coming upon us this Monday. With Halloween getting set up, people are looking to carve some pumpkins. So they are looking online and getting ready to carve something. Hopefully everyone has a good Halloween.

Debit Cards: Chase is going to take a bit of a drop in their debit card fees. For those who are looking to use that service, that is some good news.

There’s what’s trending on Yahoo. Be back for some Google Trends in a couple of hours and maybe some other goodies.

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