Friday, September 16, 2011

After the Bell 9/16/11: Apple Juice, Lion King 3D, Scarlett Johansson

Welcome to the Final After the Bell for the week, featuring all of the thoughts about things going around the Internet for the day on Friday, September 16th 2011. Featuring talk about Arsenic in Apple Juice, Lion King 3D(and the stupidity of 3D movies in General),  Constitution Day, and pretty much everything that is on my mind and online. 

A rather alarming statement about the healthy nature of apple juice or the risk to say the very least. There are apparently unacceptable high levels of arsenic in apple juice. Not a fan of apple juice, never had been but I just wonder how many other disturbing things about things that are healthy are going to come out now. The race is on in many ways. Still apple juice is not as healthy as people had thought with those high levels of arsenic. Makes you wonder.

Lion King 3D is trending on Twitter. I loved Lion King. Watched it dozens of times when I was a child. Never had a desire to watch it in 3D. 3D is going to be one of those fads that years later, we’re going to look back and wonder why. It might add a minimal amount of interest but really when it all comes down to it, the added quality, the small amount of quality, it is not worth the cost.

Constitution Day is September 17th which is naturally Saturday. I wonder how many people actually remember the Constitution was signed on that day. Just some interesting food for thought, it is a rather important date to remember and it might not be common knowledge as you think.

This weekend there is going to be homework assigned. However, I do wonder if there is going to be an entirely too much homework assigned. We’re rapidly reaching the point where we might as we just keep students at school 24/7. Of course there is a certain amount of dangers of oversaturating homework.

Blackberrys look to be on the downturn. Really this is not as shocking as one would think but still, the market for such devices has gotten to oversaturated.

If this Scarlett Johansson scandal over the nude photos has taught us anything, if you are famous, and take nude photos, they will surface somewhere. Even if you are not famous and you take nude photos, they still will surface somewhere most likely. Therefore the moral of the story is to never put photos of yourself in the nude. Because what can be hacked, will be downloaded, and what was be downloaded, will never be off the Internet, ever!

In some actual good news, the NASDAQ and the Dow Jones are up for September 16th as we reach the closing bell. Then again, any gains are always unsteady and temporary at best.

So everyone have a good weekend, and we’ll return with After the Bell on Monday. It’s Friday, time to celebrate!

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