Friday, October 12, 2012

Vice President Debate a Spectacle

Spectacle may be putting it mildly. A better word would be that it was a circus, or potentially a travesty waiting to happen. Granted, when everything is all said and done, will anyone remember what the Vice Presidents said? Somehow I doubt it, as it is just window dressing. Yet the battle between Paul Ryan and Joe Biden really did have some awkward moments.

Given how much Biden seemed to either not know or be lying about, many Americas should be horrified that they are one well placed assassination away from having this guy as the President of the United States. Ryan might not have been much better. This entire 2012 election appears to be such a dismal race, as there seems to be no great hope to save many Americans in this country.

The big sticking point would be Biden's ignorance about current affairs in Libya. Granted, one could argue that many Americans would be equally ignorant. However, it is not their job to be informed on the latest happenings, especially when there is a congressional hearing involved. That really did stick out last night, but there were other instances where it just seemed rather embarrassing.

Many people have said this statement for years, and it still rings true. It really doesn't matter who wins this next election. The real losers are going to be the American people at large. Most of the country is getting thrown underneath the bus. Some of us are just better at finding a way out from underneath the bus, and fighting back. Rising despite the dismal circumstances, but those people have dwindled.

The Vice Presidential debate was kind of embarrassing, but at the same time interesting. The fact that the American public are shocked that their politicians would be lying to them kind of make one scratch their heads. The battle for the highest office in the land will take place in less than a month. What are we voting for come November? Likely the lesser of two evils, given how the cards have fallen.

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