Sunday, March 11, 2012

Using God's Name to Earn Money Is a Sleazy Business Practice

There are any number of things that people use to promote their business. Some of them are honest and some of them are quite sleazy, where they come right out of the playbook of the most deceitful scam artist. But the problem is that scams are scams but when you use the name of God to make a sale in your business, to get people to bring money out of your pocket, then really it is among the top of all seedy business practices out there.

Using God's Name to Entice People To Purchase Is a Sleazy Business Practice

Religion is what it is in many ways. When you think about it logically, there may be enough holes in pretty much any major religion to drive a convoy of trucks for. However, that doesn't matter. If you believe, your belief in God, and whoever else, that is what makes it real to you. But one of the strongest parts of the belief is that you never force your religious beliefs down the throats of others and you never use them as some kind of marketing gimmick.

"God wants things that way" or "God has put us on this Earth to do this." I doubt that many of us could even begin to imagine what God or any other higher power would or would not want even if many obviously think they have all of the answers(or so we may assume). But really I think that any higher power would have more pressing concerns than putting more money right in your pocket. To make a sale, to swindle people, to scam people out of an extra five dollars.

I am by no means a religious scholar but really I don't think that God would approval of that.

Then again, many businesses have become all about gimmicks. And religion for better or for worse has played a huge part in our world. Mixing the two together might be about as prudent as mixing oil and water when you think about it. But it's not as far off when you think about it, where churches in many cases these days have to be run by a business. Therefore, they use promotional gimmicks, words to entice those to donate. It is all a monetarily driven society and once the genie has been let out of that bottle it isn't brought back in.

Often times, people use God's name to further their agenda, to add credibility. Over half of the time they say "God believes..." or "God decides..." or whatever, it is their beliefs. All of the religions out there do contradict each other and they cannot all be right.

Business etiquette is a lose term as there is no etiquette in business these days. It is all about enticing the average people to spend money. There are few that can honestly sniff out a scam a mile away. And to use God to make a sale in any form, in any business, is delving into some potentially seedy territory. Perhaps not as bad as using a fictional sick family member but it is up there.

Then again, honesty is something that is an endangered virtue. Both in business, in the church, and in life.