Thursday, March 15, 2012

Believe It Or Not We're On Firefox 11.

Interestingly enough, today on March 15th 2012, on the Ides of March, marks the release of Mozilla Firefox's latest Internet Browser, Firefox 11. It seems like yesterday that we were just getting ready for Firefox 10. And then Firefox 9. And then Firefox 8 know where I may be going with that. Interestingly enough, Firefox has now officially released more versions of their Internet browser than their main competitor, Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Mozilla Firefox 11 Released on March 15th 2012

And funnily enough, I bet many of you using Firefox, including many of you who are coming to this very website have no idea that there even is a Firefox 11. There are a surprising amount of Firefox users still on Firefox 3.6, but to be fair, a year isn't that big of a turnover when it has to do with technological based products. Given that there are still many people who are hanging tight to their beloved Windows XP, which to be honest, it might very well be the greatest version of Microsoft Windows ever released.

If you are still on Firefox 3.6 or anything before Firefox 11, there might have been many changes. Whether those changes were enough to properly mandate about seven different new versions of Firefox, each with a different number, well there have been much of debate. The real changes often go underneath the hood, where your average end user is blissfully ignorant about what is occurring. Most of us out there, we only download something when our computer tells us to. Which sometimes can work to a rather unfortunate disadvantage.

Number 11, it took a number of years to get to 3.X for Mozilla Firefox. Now in a little over a year, with updates of about every two months, we have reached the point where browser versions are being pumped out before your average user on the street. I think it would be a lot less overwhelming if they weren't classified with a completely different number system. I think in the last year, we should have merely just moved on logically to Firefox 5 and no later, but that is the decision of Mozilla.

So chances are, you will be updating your browser before too long. And by about May or June, we may be seeing Mozilla Firefox 12 and then it will be the oh so lucky Mozilla Firefox 13. We live in some intriguing times. I'm sure this was done really so they can come across as more relevant as Internet Explorer, by saying that they have had more browser numbers than them. Naturally that is just my personal theory, on the latest version of Mozilla Firefox on the market.

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