Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Will the Other Shoe Drop With the Economy

In recent times, there has been some news that might be considered good with the United States economy. However, there was some news that has been rather damning as well. And the very real fear that even if we pull ourselves up, the worst might be yet to come. Perhaps it is a fear that many have been rather mistaken with. Are we screwed no matter what we do? Is it only inevitable that we head right into a further recession? Perhaps dangerously flirting into a depression.

The waiting game is this. The economy is slowly gaining some ground in areas but losing bid. The only reason why unemployment seems to be down is because people have been out of work for some long that they are no longer drawing benefits. Laziness is a part of it for sure, but it is also because of circumstances beyond their control. Any new jobs that have been created is just a mere drop in the bucket.

In the end we wait for the other shoe to drop. And how hard of a drop it will be when it happens. We will never know until the battle is over.

Stock Market Report 2/15/12

There was a last minute rally at the end, but it was not enough to pull the stock market for the Dow Jones out of losses but on the brought side, it avoided triple digit losses today. So that is only a small amount of solance.

Dow Jones: 12,781.63(-96.35)
NASDAQ: 2,915.83(-16.00)
S and P 500: 1,343.25(-7.25)

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