Thursday, January 12, 2012

Stock Market Report 1/12/12: Stocks Rally At the End

The bouncing nature that is the stock market in early 2012 has continued on January 12th 2012, with a few mild gains in the stock market.

Stock Market Report 1/12/12: A Gainful Day, but Will the Week Balance

The twelfth day of the year and the eighth day that the stock market is open. It does seem by indications that investors seem to be placing their toe into the financial waters, trying to test it, to see if it is worthwhile go further. Wall Street in particular has sped up for the days gains and while there were no gains to pop open the champagne, but still any gains at this point is something that will bring much relief.

There seems to be some moderate gains in the housing market but experts state that don’t expect this to be something that is going to be in for the long haul. It is mostly one of those points in the stock market where something rallies for a time, but then the rally tends to taper off at some after some strong performances.

Today was a day where gains were made but we’re not quite ready to breath completely easy. The stock market will be rather shaky this year, as the 2012 Presidential Election has made many people tip toe towards the future. We may have no clear clue what the future olds. A late rally will hopefully signify a strong end to this trading week.

We will wait to see how this week ends. Until tomorrow, invest wisely and let’s hope that today’s gains will add for a strong future.

Stock Performances:
Dow Jones: 12,471.02(+21.57)
Nasdaq: 2, 724.24.70(+13.94)
S and P 500: 1,295.50(+3.02)

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