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Blogs right on the Megamatt09 Blog Network. May or may not be updated often, some more often than others.

The Wrestling Emporium Blog

In the wacky world of professional wrestling, there are many events. At the Wrestling Enterprise Blog, I take a look at some of those events through the week while giving analysis and reviews. May be prone to random ranting, although I'm trying to dial that back.


Mostly comic book and Comic Book cartoons, but I take a look at other things from time to time as I need. 

Blog of Education

Where I go off on various topics about where education has gone very right and where it can go rather wrong. 

Modern Health and Wellness

May contain much thoughts on health and wellness. Also much ranting as to various health problems and how everything can be tied back to the government, but I'll try to dial that one back.

Society the Stock Market and Everything

I talk about how I hate the entire economy. May contain some conspiracy theories. Also I give some sound business advice, when I can. And may also delve down some tangent about how many morons there seem to be in the world.

Computers 101

Topics about computers and technology. Have not been updated for a while but may be soon(as of August 2012)

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