Saturday, May 12, 2012

Gateway Sex Law in Tennesee

So apparently the Tennessee Governor in his infinite wisdom is passing a gateway sexual law that will prohibit any talk or discussion or demonstration of anything that could lead to sex. So in other words, this current generation, which is being sheltered to "protect them" will even be more sheltered in this particular state.

Here's something that people have to understand about children or teenagers. The more you try to hide things from them, the more curious that they will be. And the more taboo things become, the more likely they are going to want to do certain taboo things. We don't live in a day and age where things can be swept under the rug so easily.

Recently there has been an attempt to hide education about sex to youth as long as possible and only doing a heavy handed lecture about morality and abstinence. The message may be sound, but however, if you leave details lacking, children and teenagers are just going to roll their eyes right at you and just ignore what you are saying.

Here's the thing right here. You can learn more from the Internet in 2012, then you can from any sex education class. And given some of the things that are on the Internet, you better believe that children should not be got educated by the Internet. Of course, as we get more politically correct, our grip actually loosens.

As a result children try sexual activities before they are ready, leading to an outbreak of unwed pregnancies and sexual diseases. In other words, the more you try and hide these things, the more problems you will have. You can lecture children and teenagers about abstinence until you are blue in the face, but without the education, the message is rather unfounded.

Then again, I suppose I couldn't expect anything less from the south. Where blatant and shameless racism still in fact runs rampant in the year 2012. We seemed to have regressed about a hundred years. We live in a word where you can't even say the word "penis" without sparking a moral outrage.

For anything that happens based on this Gateway Sex Law in Tennessee, these law makers really do only have themselves to blame. Some people obviously think little of the consequences.

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