Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Record Temps in the Midwest for the Winter

Because even though we are in the month of March, technically speaking we are still in the Winter months. 81 degrees for the high today where I am. I'm sure other places in the general area of the Midwestern United States felt the heat. Not to incur the wrath of the Global Warming boogie man but....all of those theories are making some sense are they.

Temps Warmer Than Usual Despite It Being Winter

The fact cannot be stated clearly enough. No matter what, we are still right in the depths of the winter season. March 21st is the first day of Spring. This is not Spring. This is Winter. Hell 81 degrees(that's Fahrenheit for the rest of the world that is on the Metric System) is flirting dangerously close with warm weather. Obviously complaining about the weather, just a little bit of warm weather, with tornadoes ripping people apart, Japan undergoing another Earthquake and tsunami, floods, just mass destruction all around the world. But still that's what people do. We complain about the weather. Even on a bright shiny day, we'll find fault with the sun shining a bit too bright.

Still with that fact in mind, to say that I'm not a little bit nervous about the insanity that is the weather during the month of March, technically winter and wondering what the summer might be like. Remember last summer? I do because people tended to drop dead because of the heat. Some of that is a distinct lack of common sense, but a lot of it...a lot of it is because it was really hot. Even just looking at the hot temps made you sweat.

And there may be some form of Global Warming out there or there may not be, but even the harshest critics against the thought of Global Warming might consider for even the briefest second that something might be up. And I'm sure that many people will consider this to be another sign of the thing that might be happening on December 21st 2012. You know the thing.

So this weather, it could Global Warming but who really knows. It would take a mass reeducation of people in general. But what is going on with the weather, is strange. Extremely strange. We could have some signs that global warming could be coming.

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