Saturday, February 25, 2012

Why is Facebook So Popular While Other Social Media Sites Fizzled

For better or for worse, Facebook has revolutionized the way we look at the Internet. It is really hard to imagine the Internet without it, but it was not too many years ago where Facebook was something that was only the merest flicker. And we might not be many more years away from Facebook being something that we talk about, what we say, “hey remember when that particular thing used to be popular?

Facebook really has ensnared the minds of many, causing them to spend a lot of time on it, some might say waste their time. But why is Facebook so popular online? The reasons are many of why Facebook has gained the level of popularity it has. Let's discuss them now.

Why is Facebook So Popular While Other Social Media Fell Through the Cracks?

We know there have been many social networks all over the Internet. Not all of them have really gotten beyond a select audience. Facebook for the time being has elevated itself right above the pack. Even if its peak might have been a year or two go, recently Facebook has gone public with their IPO. Those on the ground floor might be millionaires, depending on how fast they get off of the ground floor and cash out should the Facebook bottom be dropping out within the next few years

But regardless the popularity of Facebook has caused the social media giant to go global. The reasons for Facebook’s popularity are kind of simple. And why it has eclipsed all other forms of social media.

1) It is rather easy to use Facebook

The ease of use is one reason why the social media empire has been built. Not necessarily a good thing, as anyone who can access the Internet can access Facebook. This has caused an epidemic of cyber bullying, online fraud, phishing schemes, and malicious content being spread because of the wider and sadly sometimes not as savvy to the darker side of the Internet audience. On the other hand, more people have gone tech savvy. Much to the horror of teenagers around the world who have before discovered their moms were on Facebook. Many would consider that a drawback of social media.

It has allowed many businesses to step into the 21st century, to perhaps inject some extra life into them, to an entirely new generation of customers online, utilizing this social media. 

2) Not Much Thought is Required for Facebook

The masses tend to enjoy the simpler things in life. The stupidest ideas in the world on paper often do make a fair amount of money. Ladies and gentlemen, this would be Facebook in a nutshell and to a lesser extent other forms of social media. Chat with friends and family, upload pictures and share pictures. Like things. In very few words. Often to the management of the English language but to be fair, Facebook doesn’t really have as much to do with that as texting on cell phones.

3) Easier to Keep in Touch With People

Schedules can be hectic in this day and age. Facebook is much like what the shopping mall used to be, an online meeting place. Plus there are those who use Facebook to reach out and touch some people who they might have lost touch. Granted, that is not necessarily the best thing, as we soon remember why we lost touch with people. Still Facebook and social media have brought us closer together, at the risk of face to face social interaction. One might say that face to face has been replaced with facebook to facebook interaction, so the social media platform thrives on that extent.

4) Facebook is heavily promoted by household names

It is a rather you scratch your back and you scratch mine. Facebook allows companies to really access a new audience of customers and companies direct their customers from their website to their Facebook pages. It is a two way street. Twitter is a close second, but it doesn’t quite have the capabilities of Facebook yet.

For better or for worse, Facebook is the king of social media. Will anyone dare knock it off of its pedestal? Google Plus is making a round for it but only time will tell.