Friday, February 3, 2012

Stock Market Report 2/3/12: Nasdaq and Dow Jones Highs Off of Jobs Report

Some encouraging economic news came out today on Friday February 3rd 2012. The jobs report was released today, always a report that could cause a great deal of terror or triumph. Yet today, the jobs report that were released had been proven to lead to encouragement and the NASDAQ rose to a high level as well.

Stock Market Report 2/3/12: NASDAQ and Dow Jones highs

Eleven years since the NASDAQ has reached the heights it had been this year. After a weak decade plus, the NASDAQ has been lifted to levels that is not been since December 2000. Also the Dow Jones reached highs that had not been seen since the latter part of 2008, when the economic crisis had begun to hit a fever pitch.

Granted, one good jobs report will not be something that will completely restore the confidence of many, but it is a step in the right direction. There will no doubt be debate for some time to come whether or not it just seems like the jobs report seemed good compared to what has happened in the past. And naturally all data is up to interpretation.

Still the good times may continue to roll right on the stock market or we might have another dip. The week has ended on a slightly promising note but Monday is just another day, the beginning of another week. As we keep an eye on the Stock Market, as investors trend lightly, it cannot be disputed that the levels on the NASDAQ and the Dow Jones have reached levels beyond what they have previously.

What will the week of February 6th bring? Keep all eyes on the market and remember as always to do your homework and to invest wisely. We might still be in treacherous waters.

Dow Jones: 12,859.62(+154.21)
Nasdaq: 2,905.66(+45.98)
S and P 500: 1,344.82(+19.28)

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