Society, Issues, and Scam Artists

Society and the various issues it occurs with it, including some scams that are out there. Beware them all.

***NEW***Why People Believe Conspiracies About Their Governments
***NEW***How to Deal with Phone Phishing Scams
***NEW***The Sliding Downfall of The Next Generation
***NEW***Dealing with the Crippling Cycle of Debt
***NEW***How to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft
***NEW***Follow Your Dreams
***NEW***Simple Things to Help the Environment
***NEW***Top Victims of Scam Artists
 Evolution versus Creationism Debates
Living Through a Recession
Reasons Why Marriages End in Divorce
Psychological Affects of Bullying
The Dangerous Mix of Religion and Politics
Constructive and Destructive Criticism.
 Why it is foolish to blindly follow advice
 Is Public Welfare Being Outrageously Abused
 IRS Phishing Schemes
 Avoiding the Debt Trap That Comes With Loans
 Sharing Secrets is a One Person Operation
Drug Culture of the Entertainment Industry
 On December 21st 2012 There Will Be Much Credit Card Debt
Card Member Services Phone Scam
Ways Senior Citizens Are Being Scammed 
Unemployment Rated in United States is a Misleading Measure for Those Out of Work
Copper Theft is a Problem Due to High Value
Five Reasons Why Children Become Bullies 
How To Tell a Person is Lying 
Your Trash Can Be An Identity Thief's Treasure 
The Darkside of Schoolyard Bullying 
The Slow and Painful Death of the United States Postal Service 
Microsoft Call Service Phishing Scam 
Why People Continue to Work After Retirement 
The Dark Side of Black Friday 
Occupy LA Movement Shut Down by the LAPD
How to Make Your Community a Better Place this Holiday Season
Are We Too Obsessed with What is Popular 
How the News Media Controls Us 
Tear Gas Broken Out on Occupy Wall Street Movement in Oakland
Winter Driving Insanity
The Difference Between Listening and Hearing 
Daylight Savings Time is Ultimate Senseless 
Thieves Are Getting Bolder
Tips on Becoming A Better Public Speaker
Five Deadly Distractions for Drivers 
Five Things We Should Do But Many Don't 
Unreality of Reality Television 
Customer Disservice 
Money Making Scams and Common Sense 
Deadly Weapons 
Groups of People That Are Sadly Shunned By Society 
Why Lending Money to Family Members is a Bad Idea